Posted by: altus | September 27, 2007

Slow and steady wins the race (?)

A commonly overused and trite saying which I am currently questioning the legitimacy thereof. Slow and steady only wins the race by default if the speedy, fluid contender somehow drops the ball in his haste.

Oh, well. My progress lately has been slow but steady, which I suppose is better than nonexistent.


These are the front panels to a sweater I am knitting my brother’s girlfriend (shhh! it’s a secret). I meant it as a going-away-to-college present for her, but it is going to be a few months late. They still need to be blocked and are sadly wrinkled from sitting in a bag awaiting the completion of their counterparts. The back panel is completed but in such a sad state of wrinkles, I will keep him hidden.


The sleeves have been started and are moving along nicely.


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